Best 3 communities for sustainable fashion and upcycling

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Top 3 Communities for Sustainable Fashion and Upcycling

When it comes to sustainable fashion and upcycling, there are several communities that are leading the way in promoting eco-friendly practices and reducing waste. Here are three of the best communities that you should check out:

1. EcoFashion Corp

EcoFashion Corp is a community dedicated to promoting sustainable fashion practices and upcycling. They offer a wide range of resources, including workshops, events, and online forums where members can share ideas and tips for creating eco-friendly clothing. One of the key benefits of EcoFashion Corp is their focus on education and awareness, helping members learn more about the environmental impact of the fashion industry.


  • Extensive resources and educational materials
  • Active online community for sharing ideas


  • Membership fees may apply

Twitter: @ecofashioncorp

2. Upcycle Fashion Collective

The Upcycle Fashion Collective is a community that focuses on upcycling and repurposing clothing to reduce waste. They host regular upcycling workshops and events, where members can learn new skills and techniques for transforming old garments into stylish new pieces. The collective also has an online marketplace where members can buy and sell upcycled clothing and accessories.


  • Hands-on workshops and events
  • Opportunity to buy and sell upcycled items


  • Limited physical locations for workshops

Twitter: @upcyclefashion

3. Sustainable Style Society

The Sustainable Style Society is a community that focuses on promoting sustainable fashion brands and designers. They curate a selection of eco-friendly clothing and accessories, making it easy for members to shop consciously and support ethical fashion. The society also hosts events and pop-up shops where members can connect with like-minded individuals and learn more about sustainable fashion.


  • Curated selection of sustainable fashion brands
  • Opportunities to connect with sustainable fashion community


  • Limited availability of certain brands

Twitter: @sustainablestyle


1. Are these communities open to beginners?

Yes, all three communities welcome individuals of all skill levels who are interested in sustainable fashion and upcycling. They offer resources and support for beginners to learn and grow in their eco-friendly fashion journey.

2. How can I get involved with these communities?

You can join these communities by signing up for memberships, attending events, and participating in online forums. Follow their social media accounts for updates on workshops and activities.

3. Do these communities offer opportunities for collaboration?

Yes, these communities often collaborate with sustainable fashion brands, designers, and organizations to promote eco-friendly practices and initiatives. Members can participate in collaborative projects and events to make a positive impact on the environment.

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